Icons and Angels: A Brief History

Icons and Angels began as a small project between two friends. Brad Grout and Sean Duregger had been in bands together throughout the years and this acoustic project seemed to be a natural progression from their punk rock tendencies.

In 2003, they recorded their first album The Fragile State of Innocence by taking over the nearby college’s radio studio for the weekend. Over three days, they hashed out 8 songs, some of which were written and recorded on the spot. It was a memorable experience an one that binds the idea of Icons and Angels together.

Over the next few years, they’d record more music and get progressively better at recording. Below are all the albums for you to download. Start at the bottom and work your way up to get the full journey. It’s been 10 years since the inception of Icons and Angels. In 2011 Brad and Sean are different people than they were in 2001. Married, living in different corners of the USA, both with kids. Their next album, which is in progress throughout 2011, will be undeniably different. But the core of Icons and Angels has always been honestly reflecting life experiences as they are happening. Enjoy the music.

Icons and Angels Discography:

2001The Fragile State of Innocence
2002Percival Lowell
2003Vanity of Vanities EP
2011Discarded Songs
2011Just Outside Babylon

Side Projects:

2004Bye Scarlet (Brad) – Vanity of Vanities (Album)
2005The Four Star Conspiracy (Sean) – Reminiscing Passing Storms (Single)