Icons and Angels: Discarded Songs (2011)

After the Tulsa Sessions, Brad went back to Iowa and recorded his Bye Scarlet, Vanity of Vanities album. Meanwhile, we had some great music recorded, but without vocals. I love listening to these songs because it shows Brad’s pure talent at guitar and song writing.

Now, for the first time, we’re making these songs available. If you’ve heard the Bye Scarlet album you’ll recognize most these songs.

Artist: Icons and Angels
Album: Discarded Songs

  1. A Colorful Mess
  2. Ode To Bar Bands
  3. Doesn’t Seem So Long Ago
  4. For You
  5. Thirteen Roses
  6. Laura’s Clarinet

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Acoustic Guitar: Brad Grout

All music written by Brad Grout.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Sean Duregger.
Recorded in Tulsa, OK in 2003.