Icons And Angels: Just Outside Babylon

For 8 years, the incomplete nature of our 2003 recording sessions in Tulsa, OK has plagued me. What would the entire album of Vanity of Vanities sounded like? I figured I’d never know since I had pretty much written off singing again.  But, after being prodded by Brad to get Icons and Angels going again; and a chance encounter with a young singer/songwriter which caused my wife to convince me to an impromptu and very badly sung (pseudo) performance, motivation set in.

As if by fate, I discovered our 2003 ProTools session tracks.  I realized we were finally able to complete the album, even if it had taken 8 years. With a re-awakened passion, the EP tracks have been re-mastered and mixed. Plus, vocals have been added to all the unfinished songs and vocals for This One’s On Me (from the EP) have been re-recorded..

We’ve decided to name this album Just Outside Babylon because the chorus of that song really summed up where Brad & I were in our life journeys back in 2003. Now in 2011, we’re different men, both married with kids and living in 2 different parts of the country. We’ve left a lot of our old selves behind and this album reflects that subtle transition we were beginning in 2003.

Just Outside Babylon is a look into our past, as well as a reflection of our present. It’s been great to finally get these songs out and into the open. Enjoy the music.

  1. This One’s On Me
  2. Angel*
  3. What Did I Do To Deserve This?
  4. Colorful Mess
  5. Ode To Bar Bands*
  6. A Silent Sky*
  7. Doesn’t Seem So Long Ago
  8. For You
  9. Laura’s Clarinet
  10. Thirteen Roses (instrumental)
  11. Just Outside Babylon

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Acoustic Guitar: Brad Grout
Vocals: Sean Duregger

All music written by Brad Grout.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Sean Duregger.
Guitars recorded and mixed in Tulsa, OK in 2003.
Vocals recorded in Menifee, CA in 2011, except when noted.

*Vocals recorded in Tulsa, OK in 2003.

P.S. This album wouldn’t have been finished if it wasn’t for me (Sean) meeting this young acoustic singer/songwriter, Isaiah January who inspired me to pick up the mic and finish what I’d started 8 years prior. Thanks, man. I’ll forever be grateful.

  • Wow, I am thoroughly enjoying this album. Truly amazing talent, and I am now on the rise to dream big. Watch out world here I come. ;]] Thank you Sean, I loo forward to working with you.