Icons and Angels: Percival Lowell (2002)

After some positive feedback and lessons learned from The Fragile State of Innocence. Brad and I decided we had some more songs we’d like to try and record. We felt like our skills had improved and we could make a better sounding and more complete album.

We pooled our lyrics together, Brad created some wonderful music and we were set to create. Pieced together in our make-shift studio, Percival Lowell was the result. The album was named after the great astronomer Percival Lowell. He predicted the existence of a planet past Neptune and helped with the discovery of Pluto. Later, he was inspired by Giovanni Schiaparelli’s discovery of “canals” on Mars. He devoted much of his life to the study of Mars.

The parallel between Percival Lowell is that we’re all on a great journey of the unknown. This mirrored what Brad and I had been going through in our personal lives. Day to day, we’re all trying to live and figure out this mystery of life. Much of the songs in Percival Lowell are a part of that journey.

Artist: Icons and Angels
Album: Percival Lowell

  1. White Rain and Fire (instrumental)
  2. I Thought I Found Her
  3. 47 Miles From Green Bay
  4. Faith
  5. Learning to Let Go
  6. My Farewell Shadow
  7. For Those Who’ve Gone Before Us
  8. Broken Heart Cafe
  9. Sometimes I Bleed
  10. Separation Anxiety
  11. Stay Strong
  12. Red Landscape (instrumental)


Vocals: Sean Duregger
Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals: Brad Grout

All songs written by Brad Grout except tracks 3, 8, and 9.
Tracks 3, 8, and 9 written by Brad Grout and Sean Duregger.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Sean Duregger.
Recorded at Waldorf College, Forest City, IA in 2002.