Side Projects

Bye Scarlet: Vanity of Vanities (2004)

After heading back to Iowa from ┬áTulsa, Brad decided he needed to get all the songs he’s written for Vanity of Vanities off his chest. He went into the studio and under the moniker Bye Scarlet. There he was helped by our friend Tom Miles, who recorded and produced the album.

The album is honest and raw. I absolutely love the songs.

Artist: Bye Scarlet
Album: Vanity of Vanities

  1. Laura’s Clarinet
  2. An Anthem For the Hopeless
  3. Angel
  4. Colorful Mess
  5. Moonlight Eulogy
  6. Scarlet Sunrise
  7. Doesn’t Seem So Long Ago
  8. Weeping Willow
  9. Just Outside Babylon


Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Brad Grout
Produced and Recorded by: Tom Miles

Recorded in 2004 in Mason City, IA.

The Four Star Conspiracy – Reminiscing Passing Storms

In 2004, I started singing with some guys from Tulsa, OK who had been in an established local band called Plan B. This was a new project, so we called the band The Four Star Conspiracy. We played 4 shows and recorded one song. It was a brief time, but I made some genuine friends through this experience. We all wish we could have kept the band going longer than it did.

  1. Reminiscing Passing Storms